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Welcome to the New TermiNatetor Kitchen | Captures By TK Photo & Film

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Hello, friends.

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? You might be wondering “Where on earth has TK been?!” Let me explain…

2018 was a crazy year. A lot has changed in my life. For one, I uprooted and moved to Chicago. I was both excited and terrified but knew deep down it was the right decision. I started working in hotel marketing and fell in love with the marketing process. During this last year, I have been thinking a lot, asking myself some big questions. Questions like “where I want to go in life” and “what I want this blog to become”. I came to the hard-to-swallow conclusion that I didn’t love food blogging, I LOVED photography and creating content. When I started my culinary journey, baking was a way to soothe and reconnect with myself, but photography was what inspired my creative fire.

With this fact in mind, I centered myself and regrouped. I reviewed where I was at in terms of my business, my hospitality career and where I wanted to be in 1-5-10 years and I concluded, I needed to rebrand. After many months of consulting my business advisors and doing a lot of market research and redesigning the entire TermiNatetor brand, it is with a happy heart that I am so excited to announce Captures By TK Photo & Film.

So what is Captures By TK? Captures By TK is a photography company specializing in food, portrait and lifestyle content. The goal is simple; to create beautiful and engaging content for my clients, my audience and myself. Along with the client-facing side of the business, the majority of the content shared will center around photography how-to's, behind the scenes posts, workshops, digital guides, and so much more! Resources that can help you succeed as an online content creator in the digital space. How does that sound?

I’m also incredibly excited about offering portraits through the new branding as well. As I’ve grown in my career, I am most inspired by content that features a human element. Anything from hands in the frame to a full, lively scene of friends gathered around the table. I learned that it wasn’t the foods story I was telling, it was the people behind the plate.

I am both nervous yet ecstatic for this next chapter in my business/my career. Food blogging was fun, but I have learned nothing stays forever and change is good thing. We shouldn't fear change but embrace it! Evolution is a natural part of life. I still plan on sharing recipes with my email subscribers, so if you are interested in those recipes, you can click right here to sign yo-self up.

I am so thankful for Astrid who worked with me on my rebranding shoot! The video work Kayla did for me will be up soon! They are both incredible creatives and EIU grads, so that’s a major plus! Give them both a follow and check out their beautiful work.

Today I saw goodbye to TermiNatetor Kitchen, but hello to Captures By TK.

Photography by Astrid Johana Photography

Videography by Second Cup Studios

Looking to work together? Start your journey here!

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