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12 Food & Lifestyle Photographers to Follow in 2021

Hi, friends!

Welcome to 2021. I am actively striving to stay positive during this New Year by telling myself that this year is going to be a better, more fruitful year than the previous one! Gotta keep the positive vibes going, you know? The holidays felt odd and different this year for all of us. During this holiday season, I have been sitting back, coffee in hand, and thinking a lot about what I wanted to do differently in 2021. One of the things being that I want to be a sounding board for new/up and coming creatives who I am being inspired by.

When I first started photography back nearly 7 years ago, I told myself that if I ever gained a following that I would use that as an opportunity to showcase and lift up creators who I was inspired by with my community. That is why I am so excited to share a few of my picks for 12 Food & Lifestyle Photographers to Follow in 2021! This list includes some creatives who I have been recently inspired by this past year and so I wanted to share their creativity with you!

*This list is in no particular order. This list includes a variety of bloggers, photographers, and digital food personalities*


I first met Samantha when she reached out to me a couple months back on Instagram. Since then, I have been so impressed by her quality of work. She’s a young and vibrant food photographer who, for just starting out, has an incredible grasp on composition and lighting that I wish I had when I was starting out!

There are a handful of photographers who, when I first come across their feed, I am left speechless. Monique is one of those photographers. Her work is strikingly beautiful and she has done an excellent job of capturing an aesthetic that I haven’t seen a lot of in the food and lifestyle photography space.

I met Will, like many of my creative friends and colleagues, on Instagram. After watching the first 15 seconds of his YouTube series ‘Nostalgic Gourmet’, I knew this guy had something special. Despite his young age, Will has an infectious energy and a strong entrepreneurial mindset that can be seen and felt throughout his digital content.

As a consumer of digital food content, I gravitate towards creators who invoke authenticity. Amanda is not only an incredible food stylist, but a food blogger who has created a fun and approachable space where home cooks and new seasoned can come together and enjoy themselves. Her content simply evokes a sense of joy and it’s wonderful!

In my opinion, there are very few creators within the photography space who are doing marketing education correctly. Heather is one of those creatives who is absolutely KILLING the marketing education game! She is an intelligent creative who knows her audience and speaks to them with pin-point accuracy.

I've been following Melissa for a good while now and I love her dark and moody photo style. Her variety of dishes and ingredients makes her a unique voice within the food blogging and photography space. Every photo tells a deep and enriching story which gently invites you to take a seat at her table and stay a while.

Reka is a food photographer who always leaves me speechless. Her creativity and styling is truly unmatched. There have been a number of times I have seen one of her images and said “How did she capture that?”. Reka’s creative eye is genuinely mind-blowing.

I met Tanielle back a few years ago at The Reset Conference and I knew instantly that she had so much to offer the creative community. As a brand and lifestyle photographer, Tanielle has this wonderfully bright and vibrant approach to social media that inspires me everyday! She genuinely has that 'hustle and grind' mentality that is so incredible.

Roya’s usage of vibrancy is what draws me into her work time and time again. Her styling, her colors, her compositions, everything creates this unique, inviting space that keeps me wanting more. What I love most about Roya’s work is that you truly never know what she’s going to post next.

I started following Toni a while back and I am always so impressed with her strong command of the food and lifestyle space. She has such an eye for the travel and hospitality spaces which always leaves me wishing I was on a beach instead of the tundra that is Chicago!

One quick scroll with Amanda's feed, and you know you're bound to stay a while! It's much like her, sweet. Not only is she an incredible photographer and event curator, but she has also been such a wonderful voice in supporting many marginalized communities, including her recent ACLU E-Cookbook project!

I met Christian a few years back and I have always been inspired by his visual aesthetic and his compositions. As a product photographer, his body of work has a gritty, narrative-driven quality to it that sucks me in every time. What I love most about Christian’s work is that you truly never know what he’s going to post next.

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